Sammelband with works by William James, Nathaniel Shute, and others (1590-1641)

Sammelband containing the following five ecclesiastical works and “others by Sclater, Cawdray, Bray, &c.”

  1. James, William. A sermon preached at Paules Crosse the IX. of Nouember, 1589 (London, 1590) ESTC S122045.
  2. Bernard, Nicholas. The penitent death of a woefull sinner, or, The penitent death of John Atherton executed at Dublin the 5 of December 1640 : with some annotations upon severall passages in it (London, 1641) ESTC R2358.
  3. Shute, Nathaniel. Corona charitatis = The crowne of charitie : a sermon preacht in Mercers Chappell, May 10 1625 at the solemne funerals of his euer-renowmed friend, of precious memory, the mirroir of charitie, Mr. Richard Fishburne, merchant, and now consecrated as an anniuersary to his fame (London, 1626) ESTC S117282.
  4. Williams, John. Great Britains Salomon : a sermon preached at the magnificent funerall, of the most high and mighty king, Iames, the late King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. : at the Collegiat Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, the seuenth of May 1625 (London, 1625) ESTC S120058 or S120075.
  5. Hakewill, George. A comparison betweene the dayes of Purim and that of the Powder treason for the better continuance of the memory of it, and the stirring up of mens affections to a more zealous observation thereof (London, 1626) ESTC S103633.

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 347.

Unlocated. It is possible that this text belonged to one of Wolfreston’s sons, Stanford or Francis Wolferstan, given their keener interests in matters ecclesiastical.

Rich – The Irish Hubbub, or, The English Hue and Crie (1617)

Rich, Barnabe. The Irish hubbub, or, The English hue and crie : briefely pursuing the base conditions, and most notorious offences of this vile, vaine, and wicked age : no lesse smarting then tickling. A merriment whereby to make the wise to laugh, and fooles to be angry (Printed [by George Purslowe] for Iohn Marriot, and are to be sould at his shop at the white Flower deluce neere Fetter Lane end in Fleetstreete, 1617)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 342. ESTC S123260. British Library 12330.d.25. Located by Arnold Hunt.

Sammelband with works by John Price, Cornelius Burges, and others (1648-1649)

Sammelband containing the following four ecclesiastical works and “many others.”

  1. Price, John. Clerico-classicum, or, The clergi-allarum to a third war. Being an answer to a pamphlet, intituled, A serious and faithfull representation of the judgements of ministers of the Gospel within the province of London, contained in a letter from them to the Generall and his Councell of Warre (London, 1648 [i.e. 1649]) ESTC R204338.
  2. Burges, Cornelius. A vindication of the ministers of the Gospel in, and about London, from the unjust aspersions cast upon their former actings for the Parliament, as if they had promoted the bringing of the King to capitall punishment (London, 1649) ESTC R23826, R216969, or R205758.
  3. Price, John. The pulpit incendiary, or, The divinity and devotion of Mr. Calamy, Mr. Case, Mr. Cauton, Mr. Cranford, and other Sion-Colledge preachers in their morning-exercises (London, 1648) ESTC R203205 or R13198.
  4. The pulpit incendiary anatomized, or, A vindication of Sion Colledge, and the morning exercises, from those foul and false aspersions lately cast upon them by a pamphlet commonly known to be the work of Mr Price a shopkeeper in the Exchange (London, 1648) ESTC R9570.

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 335.

Unlocated. It is possible that this text belonged to one of Wolfreston’s sons, Stanford or Francis Wolferstan, given their keener interests in matters ecclesiastical.

Cosin – Conspiracie, for Pretended Reformation, Viz. Presbyteriall Discipline (1592)

Cosin, Richard. Conspiracie, for pretended reformation, viz. presbyteriall discipline : a treatise discouering the late designments and courses held for aduancement thereof, by William Hacket yeoman, Edmund Coppinger, and Henry Arthington Gent. out of others depositions and their owne letters, writings & confessions vpon examination (London : By the deputies of Cristopher [sic] Barker printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie, 1592)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 334. ESTC S108823.


Sammelbände with works by Aphra Behn, Nathaniel Lee, Elkanah Settle, Thomas Shadwell, and Thomas D’Urfey (1668-1696)

Three Sammelband volumes featuring “Plays, by Mrs. Behn, Nat. Lee, E. Settle, Shadwell, Durfey, &c. &c.” Catalogue entry reads: “One of the volumes contains ‘a True and perfect Catalogue of all the Plays that were ever yet printed and published till 1671, with the names of the Authors,’ by Fr. Kirkman.”

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 330.

Unlocated. Note: Most of these plays would have been published after Wolfreston’s 1677 death and she was therefore probably not the owner.