Hill – The Profitable Arte of Gardening (1593)

Hill, Thomas. The profitable arte of gardening : to which is added much necessarie matter, and a number of secrets, with the phisicke helps belonging to each hearbe, and that easily prepared : to this is annexed two proper treatises, the one entituled, The meruailous gouernment, propertie, and benefite of bees, with the rare secretes of the honnie and waxe (Imprinted by Edward Allde, 1593)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 346. ESTC S104120.


Scot – A Perfite Platforme of a Hoppe Garden (1578)

Scot, Reginald. A perfite platforme of a hoppe garden, and necessarie instructions for the making and mayntenaunce thereof, with notes and rules for reformation of all abuses, commonly practised therein, very necessarie and expedient for all men to haue, which in any wise haue to doe with hops (London : By Henrie Denham, dwelling in Pater-noster rowe, at the signe of the starre, 1578)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 346. ESTC S116896. Imperfect, wanting portion of epilogue.


Plat – The Garden of Eden, or, An Accurate Description of All Flowers and Fruits Now Growing in England (1654)

Plat, Hugh. The Garden of Eden, or, An accurate description of all flowers and fruits now growing in England, with particular rules how to advance their nature and growth, as well in seeds and herbs, as the secret ordering of trees and plants (London : Printed for William Leake, at the Crown in Fleetstreet betwixt the Two Temple Gates, 1654)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 138. STC R33966.

Unlocated. NOTE: Copies at Cambridge University Library, the Hunt Institute, and the British Library do not bear any provenance related to the 1856 Wolferstan library sale. ESTC erroneously lists a copy at the Sutro Library in California, but a librarian confirmed in 2017 that no record of the book exists in “the California State Library’s Online Catalog, the California State Library’s pre-1960 card catalog, the Online Archives of California, WorldCat and the National Union Catalog pre-1956.”