Lodge – Rosalynd : Euphues Golden Legacie (1609)

Lodge, Thomas. Rosalynd : Euphues golden legacie, found after his death in his cell at Silexedra : bequeathed to Philautus sonnes, nursed vp with their fathers in England (London : J. Windet for Iohn Smethvvick, and are to bee sold at his shop in Saint Dunstanes Church-yard, in Fleete-streete vnder the Dyall, 1609)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 305. ESTC S103920.

The Folger Shakespeare Library STC 16669. Located by Paul Morgan.

Lloyd – The Marrow of History, or, The Pilgrimage of Kings and Princes (1659)

Lloyd, Lodowick. The marrow of history, or, The pilgrimage of kings and princes : truly representing the variety of dangers inhaerent to their crowns; and the lamentable deaths which many of them, and some of the best of them, have undergone (London : Printed by E. Alsop, dwelling near the Upper-Pump in Grubstreet, 1659)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 303. ESTC R216862.

British Library G.16582. Located by Sarah Lindenbaum.