Worsley – Reason and Religion, or, The Certain Rule of Faith (1672)

Worsley, Edward. Reason and religion, or, The certain rule of faith, where the infallibility of the Roman Catholick Church is asserted, against atheists, heathens, Iewes, Turks, and all sectaries : with a refutation of Mr Stillingfleets many gross errours (Antwerp : By Michael Cnobbaert, 1672)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 367. ESTC R34760.


Sammelbände with works by Aphra Behn, Nathaniel Lee, Elkanah Settle, Thomas Shadwell, and Thomas D’Urfey (1668-1696)

Three Sammelband volumes featuring “Plays, by Mrs. Behn, Nat. Lee, E. Settle, Shadwell, Durfey, &c. &c.” Catalogue entry reads: “One of the volumes contains ‘a True and perfect Catalogue of all the Plays that were ever yet printed and published till 1671, with the names of the Authors,’ by Fr. Kirkman.”

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 330.

Unlocated. Note: Most of these plays would have been published after Wolfreston’s 1677 death and she was therefore probably not the owner.