Manwood – A Treatise and Discourse of the Lawes of the Forrest (1598)

Manwood, John. A treatise and discourse of the lawes of the forrest : wherin is declared not onely those lawes, as they are now in force, but also the originall and beginning of forrestes, and what a forrest is in his owne proper nature, and wherein the same doth differ from a chase, a park, or a warren, with all such thinges as are incident or belonging thereunto, with their seuerall proper tearmes of art : as more at large doth appeare in the table in the beginning of this booke (London : Printed by [Adam Islip? for] Thomas Wight and Bonham Norton, 1598)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 308. ESTC S111993.

Unlocated. Last leaf of index lacking.

Porter – The Pleasant Historie of the Two Angrie Women of Abington (1599)

Porter, Henry. The pleasant historie of the two angrie women of Abington, with the humorous mirthe of Dick Coomes and Nicholas Prouerbes, two seruingmen : as it was lately playde by the right Honorable the Earle of Nottinghamn, Lord high Admirall, his seruants (London : By Edward Allde for Ioseph Hunt, and William Ferbrand, and are to be solde at the corner of Colman-streete, neere Loathburie, 1599)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 294. ESTC S110461 or S110459.

Unlocated. Last leaf is said to be imperfect.