The Exhortation That a Father Gave to His Children, Which He Wrot a Few Dayes before His Burning (1648)

The exhortation that a father gave to his children, which he wrot a few dayes before his burning : being godly admonitions, fit for all Christians to follow (London: Printed at London for Francis Coles, 1648)

Sotheby’s lot 15. ESTC R176886.

British Library 4404 b.8. Located by Sarah Lindenbaum.

The Cruell Uncle, or, The Hardhearted Executor (1670)

The cruell uncle, or, The hardhearted executor : being a warning for all men, especially for executors and overseers of the poor, the widdow, and the fatherlesse (London: Printed by E. Crouch for J. Coles, & others, 1670)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 13. ESTC ???.

The Morgan Library W 02 B. Located by Sarah Lindenbaum.

The Booke of Secretes of Albertus Magnus of the Vertues of Herbes, Stones and Certayne Beastes (1565)

The booke of secretes of Albertus Magnus of the vertues of herbes, stones and certayne beastes. Also a booke of the same author of the maruaylous thinges of the world, and of certayn effectes caused of certayne beastes (London: By me Wyllyam Copland, ca. 1565)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 3. ESTC S104371.

Huntington 17106. Located by Paul Morgan.