Robins – The Sinners Warning-Piece, or, Heavens Messenger (1650)

Robins, Thomas. The sinners warning-piece, or, Heavens messenger : instructing poor sinners in the way of repentance in these dangerous times, with many good instructions to every true Christian to take heed of seducing people, meaning such as will call themselves Christ (London : Printed for S[arah] Tyus, at the sign of the three Bibles on the middle of London-bridge, ca. 1650)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 150. STC R219700.

British Library 4474.a.47. Located by Arnold Hunt.

Hart – A Godly Sermon of Peters Repentance, after He Had Denyed His Lord and Master Jesus Christ (1663)

Hart, John. A godly sermon of Peters repentance, after he had denyed his Lord and Master Jesus Christ, as it is in his repentance, he wept bitterly for his sins (London : Printed for Eliz. Andrews, at the White Lion near Pye-Corner, 1663)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 145. STC R177851.

British Library 4474.b.106. Located by Arnold Hunt.

Price – Englands Unhappy Changes, or, Suddaine Alteration (1648)

Price, Laurence. Englands unhappy changes, or, Suddaine alteration : wherein is contained two treatises, and one petition (London : Printed for F. Grove, on Snow-Hill, neere the Sarazens Head, 1648)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 142. STC R182061.

British Library 4404.b.16. Located by Arnold Hunt.

Potter – A Small Table to Find the Day of the Month For Ever (1655)

Potter, William. A small table to find the day of the month for ever : which may be graven upon a piece of coine, the case of a watch, a tobaccho-box, or any such like (London : Printed by T.W. for R.E. are to b [sic] sold at the seven Starrs neer the North dore of Pauls Church, 1655)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 141. STC R218339.

British Library 8548.aa.62. Located by Arnold Hunt.