Parkes – The Curtaine-Drawer of the World, or, The Chamberlaine of That Great Inne of Iniquity (1612)

Parkes, William. The curtaine-drawer of the world, or, The chamberlaine of that great inne of iniquity : where vice in a rich embroidred gowne of veluet, rides a horse-backe like a iudge, and vertue in a thrid-bare cloake full of patches, goes a foote like a drudge : where he that hath most mony may be best merry, and he that hath none at all, wants a friend, he shal daily haue cause to remember to grieue for (London : Printed [by Nicholas Okes] for Leonard Becket, and are to be sold at the Temple neere to the Church, 1612)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 326. ESTC S110228.