Sammelband with works by John Price, Cornelius Burges, and others (1648-1649)

Sammelband containing the following four ecclesiastical works and “many others.”

  1. Price, John. Clerico-classicum, or, The clergi-allarum to a third war. Being an answer to a pamphlet, intituled, A serious and faithfull representation of the judgements of ministers of the Gospel within the province of London, contained in a letter from them to the Generall and his Councell of Warre (London, 1648 [i.e. 1649]) ESTC R204338.
  2. Burges, Cornelius. A vindication of the ministers of the Gospel in, and about London, from the unjust aspersions cast upon their former actings for the Parliament, as if they had promoted the bringing of the King to capitall punishment (London, 1649) ESTC R23826, R216969, or R205758.
  3. Price, John. The pulpit incendiary, or, The divinity and devotion of Mr. Calamy, Mr. Case, Mr. Cauton, Mr. Cranford, and other Sion-Colledge preachers in their morning-exercises (London, 1648) ESTC R203205 or R13198.
  4. The pulpit incendiary anatomized, or, A vindication of Sion Colledge, and the morning exercises, from those foul and false aspersions lately cast upon them by a pamphlet commonly known to be the work of Mr Price a shopkeeper in the Exchange (London, 1648) ESTC R9570.

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 335.

Unlocated. It is possible that this text belonged to one of Wolfreston’s sons, Stanford or Francis Wolferstan, given their keener interests in matters ecclesiastical.

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