Dekker – Lanthorne and Candle-light, or, The Bell-mans Second Nights-walke (1609)

Dekker, Thomas. Lanthorne and candle-light, or, The bell-mans second nights-walke : in which he brings to light, a brood of more strange villanies than ener [sic] were till this yeare discouered (London : Printed [by Edward Allde] for Iohn Busby, and are to be solde at his shop in Fleete-streete, in Saint Dunstanes Church-yard, 1609)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 261. ESTC S109509 .


Dekker – The Dead Tearme, or, Westminsters Complaint for Long Vacations and Short Termes (1608)

Dekker, Thomas. The dead tearme, or, Westminsters complaint for long vacations and short termes : written in manner of a dialogue betweene the two cityes London and Westminster (London : Printed [by W. Jaggard] and are to be sold by Iohn Hodgets at his house in Pauls Churchyard, 1608)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 260. ESTC S105243.


Dekker – The Whole Magnificent Entertainment: Giuen to King Iames, Queene Anne His Wife, and Henry Frederick the Prince (1604)

Dekker, Thomas. The whole magnificent entertainment: giuen to King Iames, Queene Anne his wife, and Henry Frederick the Prince, vpon the day of his Maiesties tryumphant passage (from the Tower) through his honorable citie (and chamber) of London, the 15 of March 1603 (London : By E. Allde [, Humphrey Lownes, and others] for Tho. Man the yonger, 1604)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 259. ESTC S109543.