Ponteus – The Queens Cabinet Newly Opened, and the Art of Physick Discovered (1662)

Ponteus, John. The queens cabinet newly opened, and the art of physick discovered : wherein you shall finde diverse rare receipts; both of physick and of chyrurgery : very profitable for all sorts of men, women, and children (London : Printed for Richard Burton, at the Horse in Smith-field, 1662)

ESTC R220471.

British Library 778.c.29. Located by Paul Morgan.

Hill – The Profitable Arte of Gardening (1593)

Hill, Thomas. The profitable arte of gardening : to which is added much necessarie matter, and a number of secrets, with the phisicke helps belonging to each hearbe, and that easily prepared : to this is annexed two proper treatises, the one entituled, The meruailous gouernment, propertie, and benefite of bees, with the rare secretes of the honnie and waxe (Imprinted by Edward Allde, 1593)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 346. ESTC S104120.


The Booke of Secretes of Albertus Magnus of the Vertues of Herbes, Stones and Certayne Beastes (1565)

The booke of secretes of Albertus Magnus of the vertues of herbes, stones and certayne beastes. Also a booke of the same author of the maruaylous thinges of the world, and of certayn effectes caused of certayne beastes (London: By me Wyllyam Copland, ca. 1565)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 3. ESTC S104371.

Huntington 17106. Located by Paul Morgan.