Sammelband with works by Richard Baxter, John Cotton, and others (1647-1657)

Sammelband containing the following three ecclesiastical works “and others, in the same vol.”

  1. Baxter, Richard. Richard Baxter’s account of his present thoughts concerning the controversies about the perseverance of the saints (London, 1657) ESTC R207773.
  2. Baxter, Richard. Christian concord, or, The agreement of the Associated Pastors and Churches of Worcestershire (London, 1653) ESTC R2012.
  3. Cotton, John. Singing of Psalmes a Gospel-ordinance, or, A treatise, wherein are handled these foure particulars : 1. Touching the duty it selfe, 2. Touching the matter to be sung, 3. Touching the singers, 4. Touching the manner of singing (London, 1647) ESTC R201424.

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 220.

Unlocated. It is possible that this text belonged to one of Wolfreston’s sons, Stanford or Francis Wolferstan, given their keener interests in matters ecclesiastical.

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