Sammelband with works by John Downame, John Keltridge, and others (1578-1653)

Sammelband containing the following four ecclesiastical works and “others in the same volume.”

  1. Stereōma: the establishment, or, A discourse tending to the setling of the minds of men, about some of the chiefe controversies of the present times (London, 1654 [i.e. 1653) ESTC R207199.
  2. Downame, John. The plea of the poore, or, A treatise of beneficence and almes-deeds : teaching how these Christian duties are rightly to be performed, and perswading to the frequent doing of them (London, 1616) ESTC S110224.
  3. A replye answering a defence of the sermon, preached at the consecration of the bishop of Bathe and Welles, by George Downame, Doctor of Divinitye : in defence of an answere to the foresayd sermon imprinted anno 1609 (Amsterdam, 1614 [i.e. 1613]) ESTC S113712.
  4. Keltridge, John. The exposition, and readynges of Iohn Keltridge, Mayster of the Artes … vpon the wordes of our Sauiour Christe, that bée written in the xi. of Luke (London, 1578) ESTC S107990.

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 212.

Unlocated. It is possible that this text belonged to one of Wolfreston’s sons, Stanford or Francis Wolferstan, given their keener interests in matters ecclesiastical.

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