Manwood – A Treatise and Discourse of the Lawes of the Forrest (1598)

Manwood, John. A treatise and discourse of the lawes of the forrest : wherin is declared not onely those lawes, as they are now in force, but also the originall and beginning of forrestes, and what a forrest is in his owne proper nature, and wherein the same doth differ from a chase, a park, or a warren, with all such thinges as are incident or belonging thereunto, with their seuerall proper tearmes of art : as more at large doth appeare in the table in the beginning of this booke (London : Printed by [Adam Islip? for] Thomas Wight and Bonham Norton, 1598)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 308. ESTC S111993.

Unlocated. Last leaf of index lacking.

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