The Whole Woorkes of George Gascoigne Esquyre (1587)

Gascoigne, George. The whole woorkes of George Gascoigne Esquyre: newlye compyled into one volume, that is to say: his flowers, hearbes, weedes, the fruites of warre, the comedie called Supposes, the tragedie of Iocasta, the Steele glasse, the complaint of Phylomene, the storie of Ferdinando Ieronimi, and the pleasure at Kenelworth Castle (London : Imprinted by Abell Ieffes [for R. Smith], dwelling at the Fore Streéte, without Creéplegate, neere vnto Grubstréete, 1587)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 274. ESTC S105705.

Unlocated. Wolfreston’s copy was said to be a poor one, wanting the title page and “2 leaves of Epistle to the Reverend Divines.”

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