Sammelband with works by Thomas Adams, Stephen Marshall, and others (1615-1644)

Sammelband containing the following works and “others in the vol.”

  1. Adams, Thomas. The blacke devill, or, The apostate : together with The wolfe worrying the lambes, and The spirituall navigator, bound for the Holy Land : in three sermons (London, 1615) ESTC S100391.
  2. Marshall, Stephen. Threnodia : the churches lamentation for the good man his losse: delivered in a sermon to the right honourable the two Houses of Parliament, and the Reverend Assembly of Divines, at the funerall of that excellent man John Pym, Esquire (London, 1644) ESTC R236699, R233505, R17869, or R205291.

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 209.

Unlocated. It is possible that this text belonged to one of Wolfreston’s sons, Stanford or Francis Wolferstan, given their keener interests in matters ecclesiastical.

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