Stubbes – A Chrystall Glasse for Christian Women (1646)

Stubbes, Phillip. A chrystall glasse for christian women, containing a most excellent discourse of the godly life and christian death of Mistris Katherine Stubs, who departed this life in Burton upon Trent in Safford-shire [sic], the fourteenth of December : with a most heavenly confessio of the Christian faith, which she made a little before her departure, as also a most wonderfull combat betwixt Satan, and her soule: worthy to be printed in letters of gold, and to be engraven in the table of every Christian heart (London : Printed for Iohn Wright, and are to be sold at his shop in Giltspurre street at the signe of the Bible without Newgate, 1646)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 369. ESTC S100019.

British Library 4903.d.17. Located by Paul Morgan.

Shakespeare – His True Chronicle History of the Life and Death of King Lear, and His Three Daughters (1655)

Shakespeare, William. M. William Shake-speare, his true chronicle history of the life and death of King Lear, and his three daughters : with the unfortunat life of Edgar, sonne and heire to the Earle of Glocester, and his sullen assumed humour of Tom of Bedlam. As it was plaid before the Kings Maiesty at Whit-Hall, upon S. Stephens night, in Christmas hollldaies [sic] : by his Maiesties Servants, playing vsually at the Globe on the Bank-side (London : Printed by Jane Bell, and are to be sold at the east-end of Christ-Church, 1655)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 356. ESTC R17679.

British Library C.34.k.54. Located by Paul Morgan.

The First Part of the True and Honorable Historie, of the Life of Sir Iohn Old-castle (1600)

The first part of the true and honorable historie, of the life of Sir Iohn Old-castle, the good Lord Cobham : as it hath been lately acted by the right honorable the Earle of Notingham Lord high Admirall of England his seruants (London : Printed by G[eorge] E[ld] for I. Helme, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstans Church-yard, in Fleet-streete, 1600)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 350. ESTC S106323.

British Library C.34.l.2. Located by Paul Morgan.

Rich – The Irish Hubbub, or, The English Hue and Crie (1617)

Rich, Barnabe. The Irish hubbub, or, The English hue and crie : briefely pursuing the base conditions, and most notorious offences of this vile, vaine, and wicked age : no lesse smarting then tickling. A merriment whereby to make the wise to laugh, and fooles to be angry (Printed [by George Purslowe] for Iohn Marriot, and are to be sould at his shop at the white Flower deluce neere Fetter Lane end in Fleetstreete, 1617)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 342. ESTC S123260. British Library 12330.d.25. Located by Arnold Hunt.