Earl of Strafford – The Truest Relation of the Earle of Straffords Speech on the Scaffold on Tower-hill, before He Was Beheaded (1641)

Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford. The truest relation of the Earle of Straffords speech on the scaffold on Tower-hill, before he was beheaded, May 12. 1641. Together with his deportment before and at the end of his execution (London : Printed for John Marriot, 1641)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 244. ESTC R225911.

Unlocated. Formerly on deposit with the Bodleian Library as Tracts vol. 13(15). Fairfax deposit was sold by Sotheby’s in 1992 and, along with it, this book.

Erasmus – Vtile-Dulce, or, Trueths Libertie: Seuen Wittie-Wise Dialogues, Full of Delight, and Fitte for Vse (1606)

Erasmus. Vtile-dulce, or, Trueths libertie : seuen wittie-wise dialogues, full of delight, and fitte for vse : verie appliable to these times, but seasonable for all ages, till Roomes idolatrie, and womens delicacie, be reformed (London : Printed [by V. Simmes] for Nicholas Ling, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstons Church-yard in Fleete-streete, 1606)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 238. ESTC S114479 .

Bodleian Library Mal. 982. Located by Sarah Lindenbaum and Lori Humphrey Newcomb.

Breton – The Court and Country (1618)

Breton, Nicholas. The court and country, or, A briefe discourse dialogue-wise set downe betweene a courtier and a country-man : contayning the manner and condition of their liues, with many delectable and pithy sayings worthy obseruation (London : By G. Eld for Iohn Wright, and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Bible without Newgate, 1618)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 229. ESTC S104725.

Bodleian Library Arch. A e.55. Located by Paul Morgan.