Shirley – The Gratefull Servant : A Comedie (1637)

Shirley, James. The gratefull servant : a comedie, as it was lately presented with good applause in the private House in Drury-Lane, by her Majesties Servants (London : Printed by I. Okes for William Leake, and are to be sold at his shop in Chancery-lane neere the Roules, 1637)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 362. ESTC S117337.

Huntington Library STC 22445. Located by Paul Morgan.

Shirley – The Martyr’d Souldier (1638)

Shirley, Henry. The martyr’d souldier : as it was sundry times acted with a generall applause at the Private House in Drury lane, and at other publicke theaters, by the Queenes Majesties servants (London : Printed by I. Okes, and are to be sold by Francis Eglesfield at his house in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Mary-gold, 1638)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 361. ESTC S117303.

Huntington Library 69455. Located by Sarah Lindenbaum and Lori Humphrey Newcomb.

Shakespeare – The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedie of Romeo and Juliet (1637)

Shakespeare, William. The most excellent and lamentable tragedie of Romeo and Juliet : as it hath been sundry times publikely acted by the Kings Majesties Servants at the Globe ( London : Printed by R. Young for John Smethwicke, and are to be sold at his shop in St. Dunstans Church-yard in Fleetstreet, under the Dyall, 1637)

Sotheby’s 1856 lot 355. ESTC S111244.

The Folger Library STC 22326 copy 4. Located by Sarah Lindenbaum. Images of the book may be seen here and my guest blog post for the Folger’s Collation blog about the book’s identification can be read here.

STC 22326 copy 4, A1v and A2r. Used by permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library.